APA戲劇教育碩士 Master Open Class 系列 (1)及(2)

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Master Open Class Series 1
Teaching Controversial Issues through Drama and Picture Story Books

Using a picture story book called The Conquerors by David McKee, the workshop will model an exploration of the experiences and consequences of war and invasion. The workshop will also use speeches from William Shakespeare's Henry V to enrich reading experiences. Drama provides the safe distance to explore the realities of conflict beyond children's own enactments of war in the playground and digital game playing. The workshop will also model techniques for encouraging deep reflection on and engagement with reading and rich dialogue emerging from the feelings and experiences of the drama.

講者 Speaker
Prof. Jonothan Neelands (Warwick University, UK)
日期時間 Date and Time
12. 2.2012 (星期日 Sun)
3:00pm – 4:30pm


Master Open Class Series - 2
Teaspoon of Light ; Applied Theatre in Earthquake Zones

「一線曙光」是一個於2011年2月紐西蘭基督城發生地震後,於當地學校所進行的項目。透過一個簡單的故事,及「過程劇」(process drama)技巧,兒童們以舞蹈及視覺藝術,共同修復破碎了的「夢想之布」。本活動是獲UNESCO資助的教育劇場項目,並曾於基督城內最受影響的地區,幫助逾三千名兒童重塑對未來的希望,及理解周遭所發生的災禍。
A discussion of the work undertaken in Christchurch
schools immediately following the February 2011 earthquakes. Using a simple story and a process drama approach, children engaged in dance and visual arts making to help fix a torn cloth of dreams. The work has evolved into a UNESCO funded theatre in education programme that has worked with over 3000 children in some of the most quake effected
areas of Christchurch. Thinking about how to help children reimagine futures and make sense of ongoing trauma through an arts-based approach is at the centre of this work.

講者 Speaker
Prof. Peter O’Connor (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
日期時間 Date and Time
12. 2.2012 (星期日 Sun)
7:30pm - 9pm


主講語言 Medium of Language
英語 English

Dance Studio 1, 4/F,
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
1 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai

Free Admission
Advance Registration Required

Target Audience

講者簡介 Speaker's bio

Master Class Series (1)
Prof. Jonothan NEELANDS
Prof. Jonothan NEELANDS is a National Teaching Fellow, Chair of “Drama and Theatre Education” and Director of Teaching and Learning in the Institute of Education, University of Warwick. In addition to his academic profile, he is an experienced workshop leader and drama practitioner, with a national and international reputation for delivering high quality professional training and development opportunities. Prof. Neelands is the author of several texts for teachers and students, which have influenced the development of drama in recent years including Structuring Drama Work, Beginning Drama 11-14, Key Shakespeare 1 and 2 and Drama and Theatre Studies at A/S and A level. His latest publication is Improving Your Primary School Through Drama. Peter O’Connor’s Creating Democratic Citizenship through Drama Education: the writings of Jonothan Neelands will be published by Trentham in 2010.

Master Class Series (2)
Dr. Peter O’CONNOR
Dr. Peter O’CONNOR is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Auckland and Director and Founder of the acclaimed Applied Theatre Consultants Ltd. Dr O’Connor has international experience in education from preschool to tertiary levels, primarily around using applied theatre as a public education medium to address major social issues including public health, gender equity in schools and the development of inclusive, empathetic and critical school cultures. Peter is Adjunct Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Social Work, the University of Sydney. In 2009 he was an Honorary
Principal Fellow (Associate Professor) at the University of Melbourne. Applied Theatre Consultants Ltd has an international reputation for cutting edge practice. International
consultancy contracts have been conducted in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vanuatu, Hong Kong and China.


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Fax or email to us (estellawong.dr@hkapa.edu) on or before 10 Feb, 2012 for seat reservation. Reservation is on first-come-first-served basis. Confirmation note will be emailed to you, participant must bring the confirmation note to the event.
請於二月十日或以前以傳真或電郵 (estellawong.dr@hkapa.edu)交回留座表。座位將以先到先得方式分配,並將以電郵作確認。活動當日請帶同電郵確認出席,為免向隅,請從速報名。

Please tick the box for the class you would like to attend. If you are choosing both, please specify your preference by indicating 1 (first priority) and 2 (second priority). Subject to seats availability, we may be able to offer you only the first priority class or both.

□ Teaching Controversial Issues through Drama and Picture Story Books
□  Teaspoon of Light ; Applied Theatre in Earthquake Zones

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